Unfinished Business

I forgot to include Memoirs Of The Life Of John Constable by C. R. Leslie and Everyday by David Levithan which I’m currently reading.

Here’s the pile of books I haven’t finished reading… forever.

In-House Design in Practice: Obviously Non fiction, Graphic Design, probably bought around 2012, reason for not reading: I lost interest in In-House Design when I entered a Marketing company but I will read this again after I’m done with the Novels (maybe)

Astray by Emma Donoghue: Novel, Bought at Fullybooked when it was on a 50% off Renovation Sale just this year, reason for not reading: haven’t opened it yet and I was finishing This is How You Lose Her by the time I got this.

A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami: a gift from Keith because I originally lent her my Wild Sheep Chase and she bought me a new one after a year.

The Open Gate of Mercy by Fr. Joseph Maier: Heartwarming true stories of people living in Bangkok’s Main Slaughterhouse, a glimpse of life in Klong Toey slums, reason for not reading: I lost this book, I just recently found it.

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell: Bought around 2010! I was so excited about this when it had been released in the Philippines, but I also got so busy at school. I was reading One Hundred Years of Solitude along with other novels until I forgot about this.

Ilustrado by Miguel SyjucoBought around 2010 as well, after a few chapters I lost interest on it, probably busy with school stuff too. I’m not very much drawn to the story though I believe it’s a good one. I’d read this again this year.

The Best Of Chico & Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10 part 1: a year 2012 Christmas gift I got from Karen. I know this is an easy one but I just….. can’t finish it. Probably already knew most of the jokes inside this book? Yes? still a good funny book if you’re planning to get one or the part 2 🙂

What The Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell: This belongs to A but it has been sitting on my shelf for so long. I plan to finish the Outliers first(which I do not know when :P)

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand: The book I’ve dreamt of reading since Highschool. This copy belongs to My best friend’s sister. Though I’ve once highly enjoyed reading this, I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up again. What a daunting read. I promise myself to finish it this year too.

Eating Fire and Drinking Water by Arlene J. Chai : bought it at 70% off sale, which I am very happy about because this is the only book I could admit that I didn’t really… enjoy? It’s not you, It’s me. I’m not into political topic but I’ll give this book another chance someday.

Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin by Bob Ong: Bob Ong’s final book before he rest in peace.

There are still a bunch of Non-fiction on my shelf but it’s ok not to include on the list.


The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach

art of fielding by Chad Harbach

It was easy enough to write a sentence, but if you were going to create a work of art, the way Melville had, each sentence needed to fit perfectly with the one that preceded it, and the unwritten one that would follow. -Guert Affenlight

I chanced upon this novel on a Books for Less store and A bought it for me. I told him I couldn’t decide because I have no idea about baseball. A part of me wanted to get it badly though after seeing Carina’s review.


 I have no interest in baseball same as Pella Affenlight. I have no connection with anyone who plays that game; therefore I had to search about how baseball works. Scott Muskin was right. Despite my lack of knowledge, I truly enjoyed The Art of Fielding. One of the books that has succeeded to keep me from reading on and everywhere including during my daily commute to work.

The story consists of 5 main characters namely Henry Skrimshander, Mike Schwartz, Owen Dunne, Guert Affenlight, and his daughter Pella Affenlight(I love her name). Their stories and how it connected to each other were well thought of(also mentioned by most people who’ve made a review about this book). You’ll get to know them slowly like a friend you wanted to know more of. And a friend’s life story will always be interesting to you, or for me at least. I admit of being a friends-oriented type which is not always a good quality; do you know that? Once I get overly attached to someone, I unconsciously sacrifice the time that’s meant for something else. Anyway, this book also revolves around friendship, my favorite topic. I’m about to quote a favorite from the story…

Every day is a war.  Yes, yes it was.  The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.

The Art of Fielding thrillingly tackles ambition and love. Love for baseball, literature, academy, hetero/homosexual, and responsibility. The turn of events doesn’t feel forced as it’s being built slowly. It’s a good kind of sick! There was a time I’ve had a placebo effect with Guert and felt weird on my stomach about what’s going on with them. And by the end of Chapter 69, I felt immensely sad as I read it while I’m looking after my aunt in the hospital. A hospital vibe is depressing, on my opinion.

The wanting, the negligence, the admiration, the inspiration, the loss and despair, the unmoving faith, the geniuses among us, the escapism, the regrets, the secrets, the decisions that impact our life and others, plus a whole lot more. In my verdict, I’d say this is light yet heartwarming. I love that there’s a reading group guide at the end of the story. There were questions too.

Conclusion: Upon finishing the book I was hopefully looking for its movie adaptation. I can already imagine but found none. I’m not a fan of YA books; now I’m a convert. I regret not buying An Abundance of Katherines when it was on a 40% off sale. huhu, Boo! Next on my cart is Eleanor and Park when I’m done reading the latest book I’ve purchased (Astray by Emma Donoughe)

Do I recommend it: Yes. Highly! I recommend it if you’re passionate about something; may it be a dream, a person, or a commitment.


Ahoy blogosphere(been years since I’ve used this word again. phew!)

First of all, this is a blog about books. MY reviews about the books I’ve purchased. MY attempt to actually finish these books, because I just…. couldn’t, sometimes. That’s the goal! Really quite personal. These books are:

  • the ones that have been on my shelf for soooooo long.
  • the ones that I’ve purchased and consequently bored me to death. If i challenge any of it on a staring contest, that book would actually win. These are the ones I don’t ever intend to read again, but what the heck let’s get it on!
  • the ones I’ve dreamt about owning that when I finally did, I carefully put a plastic cover. Never got to Chapter 1 on reading.
  • the ones that I like ofcourse, and don’t like, no bias here.Image

*huhu, yes i doooo. A love for literature is not for everyone, maybe? Excuses.*

I’ve tested this book report thing on my tablet first. And It kind of works! The next lines are going to be very important so If you’ve read up to this point, tapusin mo na din! Ay sus! (kindly finish! Ice sauce!)

Pardon me IF you didn’t like my post because :

  • You’ve had a different perception about the book I’ve reviewed
  • You can’t stand my way of writing because what the hemp!, is the grammar wrong or am I? Do tell. (an attempt to get better at writing)

Disclaimer : I’m not a book worm though I aspire to be.

Are you still here? Let’s get started.