Ahoy blogosphere(been years since I’ve used this word again. phew!)

First of all, this is a blog about books. MY reviews about the books I’ve purchased. MY attempt to actually finish these books, because I just…. couldn’t, sometimes. That’s the goal! Really quite personal. These books are:

  • the ones that have been on my shelf for soooooo long.
  • the ones that I’ve purchased and consequently bored me to death. If i challenge any of it on a staring contest, that book would actually win. These are the ones I don’t ever intend to read again, but what the heck let’s get it on!
  • the ones I’ve dreamt about owning that when I finally did, I carefully put a plastic cover. Never got to Chapter 1 on reading.
  • the ones that I like ofcourse, and don’t like, no bias here.Image

*huhu, yes i doooo. A love for literature is not for everyone, maybe? Excuses.*

I’ve tested this book report thing on my tablet first. And It kind of works! The next lines are going to be very important so If you’ve read up to this point, tapusin mo na din! Ay sus! (kindly finish! Ice sauce!)

Pardon me IF you didn’t like my post because :

  • You’ve had a different perception about the book I’ve reviewed
  • You can’t stand my way of writing because what the hemp!, is the grammar wrong or am I? Do tell. (an attempt to get better at writing)

Disclaimer : I’m not a book worm though I aspire to be.

Are you still here? Let’s get started.


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