Art Books on Rotation

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I’ve been juggling my favorite bargain finds. These books help me stay creative and passionate. Here are my picks:

I bought The Cheap Date Guide to Style on a whim. If you know me, you know I suck don’t have a specific style in fashion. This book is just so great, it doesn’t teach you what to wear. It teaches you to find your own style and embrace it. It tells you that critics could go f*ck themselves if they wanted you to wear whatever you see on tv. Style is not about the latest trend. There is a huge difference between stylish and trendy. It is who you are and what you do. Accept it. Embrace it. And I think this is a great buy. To be honest though, I paid for it thinking that it is a book about what to wear on cheap dates. Lol. Cheap date is a magazine launched by Bay Garnett and Kira Joliffe in London.

Advertising for People Who Don’t Like Advertising : “This book is motivated by a wish to look outward, to make contact with those we admire, those who question our industry… However, it’s only fair to inform you: we make ads. Lots of them” -KesselKramer . ‘Nuff said (also because I am still on the first few pages). What are your thoughts in advertising? Are you like me, who thought that advertising is cooking some silly beefs just to make you buy a dishwashing soap? I can’t TOTALLY dislike it without further understanding and so do you! But.. your life, your decisions.

101 Top Tips for Fantasy Painter : This is one of my best recent find. Oh Kevin Crossley! You are a rad fantasy concept artist. Design sketches inside are just hardcore. From concept stage to actual painting, 101 tips that make sense = good value for money. This isn’t your regular kiddie how-to art book. But any kid who has a solid passion for concept art would cherish this until he/she grows old too.

Memoirs of  The Life of John Constable : I can’t remember when I started reading this. It has been taking me forever to finish. I’d say don’t judge a book by its thickness. This book is thin and small but so are the words. John Constable’s life is really interesting and inspiring but I get easily bored/sleepy with a couple more turn of the pages. In spite of that, I still think this is a good book.

How ’bout you? What book fuels your creativity?



  1. Nice books you have there! Out of the four, I bet you already know which one’s my fave, hah!

    Tragic love stories are my creativity squeezers, like TFiOS which is still reigning at the top of my faves list. By the way, have you watched the movie? I loved it and I’m currently obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s All of the Stars! In fact, I was able to write another song inspired by the movie and its theme song. Not yet finished, though. Will share it as soon as it’s ready, hihi!

    Anyway, continue sharing great books with us, girl! ❤️

    • Ahaha yep i know na! 😉

      I haven’t. Busy lately. Showing pa ba? The book did not make me cry, I was so pissed off that augustus had to die :(.. Pero I bet paiiyakin ako nyang movie na yan. Hinahanda ko na ung feelings ko… And tissue. Haha!

      I’ll be looking forward to your latest compisition. 😉

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